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    Dealing with warranty work...................

    Just last month I bought a new Honda HRX mower. Since then I have only used it once and I was quite impressed with the cut it gave. What I did notice is that in the full mulch mode that the clip director does not fully close and I could see just a little bit of grass clippings coming out of it as if I were not in full mulch mode. After further review I did see that there was a considerable gap and grass was just flying through there. Considering what I spent on this mower and that it was brand new I decided to take it back to the dealer and have them fix this issue. What I am trying to find out at this stage is how the back end of this process works? The dealer where I bought it from says they have to wait to hear back from Honda to see if its covered. Ofcoase I asked whom they send off this info to, but the guy on the phone had no clue and just wanted to be done with my call. luckily I have a trusty old toro to maintain my yard while this slow as molasses situation plays out. Anybody else have any information on how the Honda warranty process works or ever had to deal with getting something repaired? While the HRX a beast of a lawnmower I would have never thought to have it in for anything for a very long in hindsight this is a bit of a picky request for me to try to get this done and if I knew this was gonna be the way it went I would just have lived with that and probably just found a way to fill that gap myself.


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    Re: Dealing with warranty work...................

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