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    need help with wiring on a dixon ztr 428 1988

    does anyone have a pic or pics of how the wiring is on the solenoid on a 1988 Dixon ztr 428 . I need this real bad I have had to put 2 armatures on it because something is not right the way I have it wired. would appreaciate all the help I can get. Thanks.


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    Re: need help with wiring on a dixon ztr 428 1988

    Dear Mr Tropical fruit.

    1) please refrain from posting in more than one place, it gets very confusing.
    2) please refrain from posting in funny colours, it makes your posts hard to read.
    3) get a copy of the parts break down so you can use correct names for things, it makes it a lot easier if we are all talking about the same things.
    The only armatures that are replaceable on a mower is the one in the starter motor.

    Now stop panicing, you are in good hands here, take a deep breath and tell us EXACTLY what the original problem was and what you did to correct it.

    It is also a lot more helpful if we know which engine is fitted to your Dixon.

    The starter solenoid should have 3 thin wires and 2 thick wires.
    the two thin red wires go on the terminal that is connected to the battery the third ( yellow ) one goes to the small terminal at the base and it is the trigger wire that turns the solenoid on & off.

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    Re: need help with wiring on a dixon ztr 428 1988

    Welcome to the forum. Hopefully, you'll get some answers here
    LawnWorld Support

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