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    Antique farm show photos

    Dad and I went to a local antique tractor and farm show today. You may not be into old tractors but there were quite a few vintage lawn tractors there that I thought was really cool. One of them is front wheel drive!

    Forgive me, I uploaded these directly from my phone when I got to work and for some reason only half of them got uploaded. So I tried uploading all of them to another directory but it uploaded them to the same one!

    I think I took about 110 photos but this album is showing 184 so there are some duplicates. I'm at work so until I can get this sorted out, here is are all the phones I took:

    If any of you live near Northeast Tennessee (Bristol, Johnson City, Kingsport) come check it out. Only $5.00 to get it but if you stop by Food City you can get your tickets at half price.



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    Re: Antique farm show photos

    Thanks for sharing. I love looking at stuff like this.

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    Re: Antique farm show photos

    Great photos I would really like to attend if it was a bit closer. Kind of partial to the Oliver's and the Bolen's but it was interesting to see all the different varieties.

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