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    Re: Zero Turn Final Decision

    Quote Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
    Loncin in China is making the Exmark and Toro branded engines. So far I've only heard good things about them.
    The only downside of Loncin engines is the lack of parts.
    They are good engines and Loncin has been around for a long time, they are ranked No 10 by world volume.
    So you are forced to buy all of your spares from from Toro which like all branded spares pushes the price up


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    Re: Zero Turn Final Decision

    Boo- the Toro* branded engines took some of the things they liked best from the Kawasaki engines, like the angled Dip Stick, & the shelf under the oil filter. etc.

    I've heard good about them as well. But mine has a Kawasaki by choice.
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    Re: Zero Turn Final Decision

    Loncin has been making engines for about 50 years, or rather their predecessors had.
    Just because you have never seen them till now does not mean they are copies of current USA engines.

    Hard as it is for Americans to understand there is a rest of the world and they have been making things there for thousands of years.
    The only difference is the USA did not get bombed into oblivion so it took a long while for Europe to rebuild.
    You learned your lesson about the futility of trying to remove your neighbour and all his decendents from the face of the planet in the 1860's

    After that to expand all you had to do was wipe out the natives who had inferiour weapons to you ( not preaching we did the same ).
    For any country in Europe to expand they had to fight with people on equal footings weapons wise so it was a lot more destructive.

    We are used to seeing trash products imported from China purely because goods of higher quality than what is already available in the USA would be the same price so no chance for greedy USA ( and Aust ) importers to make 500% profits bringing them in.
    Thus most of what is imported is bottom of the barrel quality wise and people buy it purely because it is cheap.
    If the product was made locally to the same quality level and pric no one would buy it because we expect a higher quality ltem from local companies.

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