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    Gravely ZT-X 42 or 52

    I have an average yard. Push mowing it has been a pain, so I am finally looking to get a riding mower. I am also, like many, looking to possibly pick up a few yards. I am wanting to supplement the mower possibly.

    I understand it's only 10", but aren't the motors the same size? Will I be better off getting the 42" for a little more consistent power? I want to mulch with it. My local dealer will have the 42" for $2899 and the 52" for $2999 this weekend.


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    Re: Gravely ZT-X 42 or 52

    You need to look at everything in your yard. Will that extra 10" make it more difficult to mow between trees, flower beds, etc., or go through a gate? Is your lawn uneven enough that the big deck will cause it to scalp some places? 10" will make a big difference in how you store it if your garage/shop is already near capacity. Only you can answer those questions, which will lead you to the proper deck size.

    As for power, I have a ZT-HD 52" with a 23 hp Kawasaki. The ZT-X 52 comes with a 25 hp Kohler or the same 23 hp Kawasaki as mine. I've yet to bog mine down, but I do not mulch.

    As for mowing other yards, the ZT-X isn't a commercial mower. It isn't as tough, so don't wade into a bunch of rough, nasty yards with it. If you just want to pick up two or three level, well kept, average sized yards on your street, it will probably do the job, but there will be more maintenance to stay on top of. I'm only basing this opinion on my ZT-HD, which is two steps above the ZT-X and one step below the Pro-Turn commercial grade. I haven't actually looked at how heavily the ZT-X is built.

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