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    flymo hover l47 pilot tecumseh engine

    Hi all
    I have inherited an old flymo l47 pilot which is anon starter. I really know very little but would love to be able to get it going
    it had and was advertised with a broken pull start which even i could manage to sort out
    I have put new fuel in the tank as i though it best with the correct mixture but it just will no start even using the drill method to save my poor muscles.
    next i put in a new sparky and syringed a little fuel in before putting the spark plug in and it fired then died.
    Next I removed the air filter (which was also shot) and squirted a little fuel into the carb and again it fired up and again it died.Each time you add a little fuel fuel it will fire which makes me believe there is nothing wrong with the electrics.
    I am now wondering what else to do as I don't think there is any fuel getting through from the tank although the tank and fuel line is ok.
    As in my name I don't know very much but think it maybe a carb problem (which i don't think you can now get replacements).
    if the worse scenario crops up and it is the carb I have a couple of questions can the carb be replaced with any type that will fit or as I have about 3 lawnmowers all briggs and stratton is it possible ton replace the whole engine, I would rather have the original working though without having to bodge it and possible loose a limb :):).
    Any thoughts and help would be greatly appreciated


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    Re: flymo hover l47 pilot tecumseh engine

    It sounds to me that the carb needs to be taken apart and soaked in mineral spirits. I'm not real familiar with this specific model or brand. Not sure if they have a float or a diaphragm carb. If you can get the model and serial numbers off of the engine, you may be able to find a new carb. It probably won't be an original, but I think you can find an aftermarket. If it fires when you squirt in fuel then you know you have compression and spark. Good luck and dig in.

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