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    B&D SPCM1936 stopped working

    I've had a B&D SPCM1936 mower for a few months and it worked fine. Occasionally, if I hit a large root or some other obstacle it would stop running but then would start again in a couple of hours.

    Now it's not running at all. The battery has enough juice since the self-propelling function works. I checked and rechecked the safety key and the handle but did not find any problems.

    What else can be wrong? Does this mower have an internal breaker that could have been tripped when it last ran?

    Now, originally this mower was actually a curb find. I have no idea why the previous owner got rid of it, but maybe it stopped running for them to. In which case it might be some type of reoccurring problem.

    Any info will be much appreciated!


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    Re: B&D SPCM1936 stopped working

    Read through manual, see troubleshooting section.

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