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    Re: Bearings went out on 46" deck spindle

    Quote Originally Posted by Pumper54 View Post
    Sorry about the flu my friend. Hope you are much better by now.
    Firing on all cyclinders, Tom, thanks.

    AND, an' I am about to start up (put to work) my latest project
    today. Part of which your posting contributed to, heh.
    I had a wheel stub and housing that came "sealed".
    I 'desealed' ( issata word? ;-} ) and fitted a grease nipple (zerk)
    as befits any self-respecting piece of farm machinery!! Heh heh...

    ---project pix to follow
    KK - training feral grass in ettiquette

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    Re: Bearings went out on 46" deck spindle

    I would not waste time replacing just the bearing. Just replace the whole spindle/jackshaft assembly. It's about a $30 part. That's what I do when a spindle bearing goes bad.

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    Re: Bearings went out on 46" deck spindle

    Quote Originally Posted by Pumper54 View Post
    Model 46209X0C Lost the bearings on one of the spindles and it burned up the belt before I got it all shut down. Have the jack shaft out of the spindle and it looks like one of the bearings/bushings in locked on the shaft and the large one in the spindle is seized tight. Are the bearing replaceable or is it time for new spindles? Also have any put grease fittings on the spindles to be able to lube them?

    Hi Tom,
    I just posted a similar question. Here's what I intend to try......unless someone persuades me otherwise. I have a Hustler Raptor 42, which is non-greasable. On a hunch, I ordered a greasable spindle for a 48" Husqvarna and it looks like it will interchange with my Hustler spindle. The grease zerk is in the top of the hollow shaft. In the event the spindle causes a problem, the Husqvarna shaft seems to have identical dimensions and I have successfully mated it to the Hustler spindle. I will not attempt the upgrade until the end of my Florida mowing season. I also intend to drill a small bleed hole in the spindle housing to indicate when the grease chamber is full. I also plan to temporarily remove the inner grease seals (rubber), and drill small holes to allow grease from the chamber to enter the bearings. The seals can be reinstalled once the holes are drilled. I plan to use High Temp Spindle Grease from Fluoramics aka TufOil.

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