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    Ignition Switch???????

    was mowing with simplicity 16gth with biggs and stratton and turned key off and mower would not shut down, I choked it out and now now dash lights, no nothing when i turn the key. the 5 pronged plug that plugs into the ignition has 1 plug that lights up my test light but when i turn the key nothing!! Is the ignition bad or is there something else it could be. Just a novice, need help. can start by jumping across solenoid. could it be a safety switch somewhere, how do i check???


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    Re: Ignition Switch???????

    Sounds like your switch. When you turned the key off, it should have shorted the coil to ground to stop the engine. Check connection at switch and there mey also be other connectors in line of your wires. If everything turns out good, you may have to replace the switch.
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