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  1. Re: Husky z4824 zero turn jerky controls

    If the replacements are a stupid price most smash repairers can sent them out for regassing, a common fix for hoods & hatch backs.
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    Repairs Re: Dixon ram 52 zt

    If it will not crank then one of the cranking switches is bad, or the wiring between them is bad.
    Check the solenoid by jumping from the battery cable to the trigger on the solenoid.
    If the engine...
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    Re: Stihl FS 55RC Smoking

    FWIW the oil in 2 stroke mix can & does come out of suspension under crankshaft pressure.
    As such it will build up in the crankcase, which is a good thing.
    On mowers it just sits on the lower...
  4. Re: John Deere Owner Check-In --- Read This First!


    Do you grow big rocks or little rocks :laughing:

    Some one with your skill set will be very welcome on a site like this.
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    Re: Mower slows down

    Could be the belt but we need a little more information
    Like the numbers from the tag under the seat.
    When you find them search partstree using the model number .
  6. Re: DEAD Harbor Freight electric log splitter !

    Yes they are a POS.
    HF paid somewhere between 10% to 20% of the charged price to the factory that made them.
    They are junk for the purpose of separating a fool from his money and destroying the USA...
  7. Re: Scag Wildcat 2007 no juice to starter

    I got lost in my own post.
    For diagnosis only I jump the key switch plug.

    Now you have expanded things a bit I see what is happening.
    When you test the key switch > PTO > lap bar > lap...
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    Re: Bearing life

    The lower bearing is a tight fit on the spindle and a light push into the housing.
    The top bearing is the other way round.
    Thus you use a pipe to fit the lower onto the shaft and in my case, the...
  9. Re: Looks like security document has expired, can't access with FireFox

    It is nothing more than an administrative oversight.
    In order to thawt identity thieves & other cyber criminals the site uses a method to verify that the site is real called a Secure Socket Layer as...
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    Re: exmark lazer z igintion

    Usually yes.
    Get your magnifier out and have a good look at the back of the switch.
    The terminals are usually identified with letters
    M= Magneto kill wire
    L= Lights...
  11. Re: Scag Wildcat 2007 no juice to starter

    First thing can you turn the engine over by hand ?
    If not remove the spark plugs & try again
    Do not crank.
    If the engine has hydro locked, the starter is not strong enough to compress the petrol...
  12. Re: Toro Z Master 453 48" model 74417 starter-relay wiring question

    Ultimately every one on the planet is related if you go back far enough.
    Regardless of weather you believe we are all the sons & daughters of Adam & Eve or we all evolved out of Africa or...
  13. Re: John Deere RX75 Parking brake lever missing springs

    Won't be much help for the OP but will be of great assistance to future readers looking for the solution to the same problem .
    So a big thank you for taking the time & making the effort.
    That is...
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    Mower deck Re: 917.259572

    First place to look is the sears web page and download the owners manual for this mower.
    It has a separate height adjustment and blade engagement controls.
    The height adjuster limits the movement...
  15. Re: Toro Z Master 453 48" model 74417 starter-relay wiring question

    No need to connect the wires once you have clipped the plunger off.
    Just remember that green (?) wire will be +12 V every second that the key is on so tape it up out of the way.

    The starting...
  16. Re: PYT-9000 with 26hp B&S professional series

    If working properly no
    In reality most will turn with a little difficulty and you will hear the brake dragging
    Makes it a bitch to diagnose a buggered bearing and they are not the sort of item you...
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    Re: Deck not straight

    Straitness of the deck has nothing to do with where anything is except the cutting tips of the blades.
    Measure them to the ground, the bodywork means nothing
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    Re: Kohler pro hp will not start

    Straitness of the deck has nothing to do with where anything is except the cutting tips of the blades.
    Measure them to the ground, the bodywork means nothing
  19. Re: New Chinese engine spotted on budget craftsman mower at Sears

    ASAIK they are the Liffan engines .
    Liffan is a big engine maker but usually for small motorcycles that you will not see in the USA cause they are not EPA compliant.
    They started selling engines (...
  20. Re: Toro Z Master 453 48" model 74417 starter-relay wiring question

    They are not manditory down here yet.
    We go to tier II on July 1 2020 and they are tier III
    So yes you can just cut the plunger off and the solenoid is defeated.
    OR just replace it with a bolt...
  21. Re: John Deere LA 115. Running like I have a Governor Issue - Surging

    If you have the Nikki carb with the white plastic dodad between the float bowl & carb body, then the trick is to fit the rubber seal, fit the plastic bit into the body then put the bowl on.
    And yes...
  22. Re: PYT-9000 with 26hp B&S professional series

    There are two different versions of PTO clutches.
    One free wheels when the PTO is off & gets used on decks that have blade brakes fitted
    The other locks when the PTO is off to act as a blade brake...
  23. Re: PYT-9000 with 26hp B&S professional series

    Not sure of the exact deck but make sure the belt is around the pulley and under the brake pads and keepers.
    Very easy & common to miss one and have the belt running over rather than under.
  24. Re: Toro Z Master 453 48" model 74417 starter-relay wiring question

    I assume you are talking about the fuel shut off solenoid on the bottom/ side of the carby.
    They come in 2 types
    Electrically insulated requiring both a power & ground wire
    Grounded by the...
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    Re: Auto safety blade shut off

    I never tell anyone or even advise anyone to defeat a safety switch no matter how stupid & useless it is like the MIR system.
    I will tell you how it works. what you choose to do then is your...
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    Re: which is the right belt?

    If something seems too cheap to be true,, then it is.
    Check the add & you will see the word "unbranded"
    Unbranded = so bad the original ordering company would not alloy their name to be printed on...
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    Re: Deck lift issue

    I can see what you are thinking but you are wrong.
    Your mower was not accidentially fitted with 38" deck lifting arms.
    The arms are the same on all of the mowers regardless of the deck size.
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    Re: Deck lift issue

    Kevlar belts do not stretch.
    They wear on the contact faces so get thinner sit deeper & become loose.
    Mower companies and in particular MTD us non standard belts like 21/32" wide, not std 5/8"...
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    Re: Bearing life

    Deep groove ball bearings are not a particularly a good choice for spindle bearings from an engineering point of view.
    Tapered rollers are far better and they had been used on top line commercial...
  30. Re: Kohler Aftermarket starter replacements

    Shame you closed your mind to what we were trying to tell you.
    That shows a lot of your character.
    A person's perception of a problem will depend upon how it is affecting them.
    You like to think...
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    Re: kawasaki kf82dx stator

    And what is KF 82DX , the engine model number because Kawasaki do not recognise it.

    If this is a magneto engine then pull the kill wire from the magneto and see if you have spark when cranking.
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    Re: PTO, acceptable rpm drop.

    One at time pull the spark plug leads off & try to ground them

    What you are describing is exactly what happens when one cylinder on a V twin is not working
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    Re: Mower Only moves in reverse

    Not trying to be critical or abusive on a personnal level.
    My father bought his first walk behind mower in 1962.
    It cost 49 gineas , which was not important. What is that the 49 (call them what you...
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    Re: Mower Only moves in reverse

    The problem with that tranny is people do not come to a full stop before changing gear.
    What is missing is a warning decal on the dash.

    As for being a bad design, well yes.
    Why ?
    Because people...
  35. Thread: Hello

    by bertsmobile1

    Re: Hello

    More important is you came back with the final solution.
    For which you are to be thanked.
    Describing a problem in words is never easy particularly when you do not have the trade jargon at hand....
  36. Re: PYT-9000 with 26hp B&S professional series

    Try it again when the clutch is cold.
    If it works fine when cold check the clutch air gap.
    If it is worn & the gap is too big it draws too much power which can cause the fuse to blow after a while.
  37. Re: Kohler Aftermarket starter replacements

    I can but only agree with Rivets.
    I am an independent technician so I get a lot of cranky owners who bought their equipment from a big discount store then expected the franchise service agent to...
  38. Re: hustler Fastrack hydro gear transmission issue

    So would I but the deepest he would allow me into his workshop was the cleaning & prep room .
    All I could see there was 4 parts washers that I could just about take a shower in.
    A vapour blasting...
  39. Re: Broken blade screw inside in crank-shaft

    It will depend upon what tools you have on hand.
    Starting with the easiest, after checking that the shaft is not bent as previously mentioned.
    1) get a center punch and tap the bolt at the edge at...
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    Re: Electrical Demons in my STT61A-27KA

    Well therre has to be some where for the cooling air to exit the engine.
    Unless that has a very fine screen on it there is space for mice, lizards or other critters to get in there.
  41. Re: PYT-9000 with 26hp B&S professional series

    Well the electricity to power that relay has to come from somewhere.
    So there has to be a + wire feeding into the loom and that wire has a fuse on it otherwise if you get a short the mower burns....
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    Re: Electrical Demons in my STT61A-27KA

    There is one, told you how to find it on your other thread.
    If this mower has been sitting all winter it is advisable to pull the blower housing & check for mice nests.
    They have a habbit of making...
  43. Re: PYT-9000 with 26hp B&S professional series

    your fuse is blown
    Find the starting solenoid.
    On the battery cable side will e a single small wire .
    That wire goes to the BATTERY terminal on the ignition switch , funny enough marked with the...
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    Re: NGK Spark Plugs. Recent quality

    There is no profit in making standard spark plugs and this is reflected in the quality of standard plugs.
    Modern fuels can be conducting at cylinder pressures .
    NGK does not put a white ( contains...
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    Re: TS348XD Review

    In this case it is just not enough weight on the front wheels or too much pressure in the front tyres.
  46. Re: Mower Blows 20 amp fuse when PTO when PTO is engaged

    I can be just as wrong as the next person so never worry about correcting me it is always appreciated.
    History ( well western history to be precise ) only records a single person who was never wrong...
  47. Re: Best oil/viscosity for 24 hp Husqvarna? Change once yearly?

    Best to change the oil at the end of each season.
    Viscosity will depend upon the ambient temperature of where you live.

    Best time to service you engine full stop is at the end of each season....
  48. Re: Kohler Aftermarket starter replacements

    Nothing wrong with the Kohler warranty.
    It broke & they will replace it, what more do you want ?
    As for cheap starters .
    I buy mine from Prime Line through a wholesaler and they cost near triple...
  49. Re: hustler Fastrack hydro gear transmission issue

    The problem is the whole process should be done in a dust free enviroment,
    If you look at the parts break down you will see a round valve chest with the pistons ( or balls ) in it.
    This rotates...
  50. Re: Briggs & Stratton model# 331877 issue with oil filter

    The hole is steel and should thread out,( Gees my English teacher would have liked that sentence ).
    IT will be difficult to grab but there should be a very thin hex at its base if it is removable....
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