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    Re: How do from Delaware

    Thanks to you both.
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    How to rid my lawn of Knawel

    This weed is taking over my lawn. Hadn't noticed it in past years, but this year-BAM! Also have Henbit, but the sprays have worked fairly well killing it off. Research says Knawel is a German moss? I...
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    How do from Delaware

    Names CD. I strive for a beautiful lawn, but ain't made it yet. Lookin' forward to help from ya'll. We also have 2 garden plots. I'll be looking for help with them also. For the last 20 years I've...
  4. Re: 16 HP opposed twin gas dripping from fuel pump vents

    Cold compression is 60 pounds on both sides. Plugs are fouled. I also have blow by in the air filter housing but this condition was present before the fuel pump issues.
  5. 16 HP opposed twin gas dripping from fuel pump vents

    My tractor is always kept in the shed. It has the original B&S 16HP opposed twin with roughly 1100 hours. My last use was mowing in late Oct. 2018. When I finished mowing I changed the oil. I add 4...
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