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    Honda fans, look what people throw away

    Yes, Keep mowing my friend...
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    Craftsman Mower Will not start with Auto Choke

    I just remembered - the choke being the brass piece is in a slot in the plastic shaft. with the choke open, wiggle the choke plate a little and try choking again to see if it seats better or with the choke closed use a pick or small screwdriver and wiggle the plate to see if u can get it to...
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    Craftsman Mower Will not start with Auto Choke

    You can get them at HarborFreight or else look up Oxygen-Acetylene Torch Tip Cleaner Kit with 12 Stainless Steel Reamers at Home Depot.
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    Honda fans, look what people throw away

    Sorry but for a second i pictured you in my head looking like the Dos Equis Guy.
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    Honda fans, look what people throw away

    It was cold when i picked it up and it was left out next to the full trash cans Fri. From personal experience maybe the owner just had a bad day when it wouldn't start and he gave up or maybe the person never turned the gas on and "told dad"(the valve was shut off). For myself almost all the...
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    Craftsman Snowblower - Throwing Drive Belt

    Can you post a pic? Sounds like a pulley moved from your description. If the pulleys don't line up, then yeah, you get this. If so, just pull out the allen wrench and loosen 1 pulley and move it back.
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    SOLVED - Honda GC160 2” Water Pump

    Really? for me it is more like Whack-a-mole. HA!!
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    Honda fans, look what people throw away

    Not sure why it was at the curb being i just opened the gas valve, choked it, and it started. Not a spec of rust on the chrome. Obviously very well kept. Honda mower
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    Relatively new

    I have a engine pulley off my Case Skidsteer that cracked like yours. I just had the crack welded. If the flywheel is aluminum, that's nothing. If it is the magnesium then it might be difficult to find a welding shop - it was for me and my BG75 mount breaking off.
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    Finally! an easier way to tighten spark plugs and drain plugs!

    Finally!!!! Just what i need to tighten my drain bolt to 2,000 ft-lbs torque!
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    John Deere JX75 idles wide open

    If when running, there is no pressure from the governer to close the throttle, then yes, the issue is internal.
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    Pls look at this B&D hedge trimmer and give me your op of points needing sharpening

    I don't think it is a total loss. Given i have a Stihl hedge trimmer but i don't take it apart to sharpen the cutting edge. If u don't already have a dremel tool, u can get a el cheapo - 2 use similar one at harbor freight for $10. Sharpen the edges you can get to now, then run it until the...
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    Older craftsman blower

    Looking it up, it was made by Poulan. There is a pic of what looks like yours (but with the Poulan colors) on a 91 sales brochure. Poulan brochure
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    small engines in Asia

    I didn't pay attention when i saw them but looking at the backpack trimmer pic, it looks like it does have an adjustment screw.
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    small engines in Asia

    Here are some pics of machines in Japan\Taiwan in addition to the "Battlestar Galactica" blower i posted before. A "see how the other side lives" if u will. Asia equipment