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    Honda Gcv 160 won’t start, popping flame out carb when using starting fluid

    Does that have a belt drive cam? Check that valve timing.
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    John deere rx75 won't move

    Shoot it with a 12 ga, problem solved. OK, I'm done with the BS, carry on. The Taryl video probably will solve the problem, correct belts and go through the pulleys and idlers.
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    John deere rx75 won't move

    Just got back from Rural King a while back, got a 12ga semi auto shot gun. Can't wait to get out at son's house in the sticks and wake up all the squirrels with it.
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    John deere rx75 won't move

    Here's a video on something similar. Skip to 4 minutes in if you don't want the BS from Taryl. ( But that's the best part) 13 to 16 minutes in really shows the vari-pulley.
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    John deere rx75 won't move

    Item 13 is the motor pulley, top drives the transmission, bottom to the blade drive. Item 31 is the variable pitch pulley. I like these drive setups but they do require some experience to keep them running right.
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    Funny picture thread

    Need to read it all:
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    Craftsman Rotary Blade Shaft Bearing

    The bearing numbers given are double sealed bearings, nothing more needed. I pry the inner seal out of the bearing to repack, if careful the seal can be put back in.
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    John deere rx75 won't move

    That could do it. (couldn't resist the jab)
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    New Leftover 2020 Hustler SD 48" Mower

    And be careful with the unlock on those hydros. That is (I think) a mechanical connection. When you pull the mower out of the shed make sure to re-engage and rock the mower back and forth to make sure it does fully engage.
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    New Toro PP

    I won't add to it, but I found out the hard way on using current spec automotive oil in a lawn mower.
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    New Leftover 2020 Hustler SD 48" Mower

    Seems like a really good mower for your use. Hydrogear drive, Kawasaki motor, fab. deck, bigger tires. Price seems a little high for an obsolete model, but sometimes the old version is better than the later, and the dealer factors into that too. I'd buy it.
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    One thing I have learned over the years is to put my glasses in just certain places. Reach in the truck window and put on the dash, never anywhere out side. On the drill press beside the workbench, if under the hood they go in my pocket, and so on. Those things are expensive!
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    Woo Hoo, I got got stim-U-lated

    Same runaround I got on the first payment. But when I finally did get it I got interest on it too. This time it came real quick direct to the bank.