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    Engine stalls

    Hi I have a lawn mower engine 3.5 hp its hard to start when it starts up it runs then slows down more and more until the mower stops working thank you
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    engine stalls

    Hi I have a tecumseh 3.5 hp Lawn mower Lev 90 its hard to start and the motor stalls right after thank you
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    edger stalls

    Hi my edger trimmer stalls and does not want to run can some one help thank you
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    troy bilt edger

    Hi I have a Troy Bilt - grass edger trimmer when I start the engine it runs for less then a minute and then the motor stops working please help me find the problem for my edger thank you
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    tecuhumseh 3.5 lawn mower starting and runing problem

    Hi I have a techumseh 3.5 hp lawn mower model Lev 90 the mower has a hard time starting when the engine start it runs then the motor runs slower and slower and slower until the engine stops working then the mower has a hard time to start again thank you
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    tecumseh fly wheel replacment

    Hi I have to change my fly wheel on my tecumseh lawn mower engine lv 148ea is it hard to change it , do you need special tools and what size is the nut to take off I hope its easy to replace it
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    tecumseh engine part broken off

    Hello I have tecumseh lawn mower engine lv148ea my problem is one of my coil legs or support broke right off the top of the Motor that support the coil on one side of the mower some have told me JB weld or self tape it back to its place etc hope some one can help me solve this problem