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    Feedback on ECHO PB-60 HT Blower?

    Hi, Found a ECHO PB-60 HT for a very good price. I know this is an older unit, but just going to use it only for my own yard. Can someone tell me what the "HT" stands for???
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    Small Engine Adventures!

    Hi, Thought I would relate something that happened lately. I finally got my wife to fire (sort of) the yard man. Sold a rifle and bought a new HONDA lawn mower. Now I needed a edger and weedeater. Almost fainted when I saw what the new ones cost! While at the ECHO dealer, talked to the...
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    ECHO Carb Rebuild Kits???

    Hi, I just ordered a ECHO rebuild kit for my PPF-210 Pruning Saw. I finally found an OEM kit from ECHO, but I noticed a lot off off brand kits on E-Bay and Amazon. I assume they are from CHINA? Just wondering where is the best place to get real USA made kits and or are you guys using the...
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    Weed Eater starts when warm, but not when cold?

    Hi, I have an older ECHO SRM 140DA Weed Eater. I just rebuilt the carb and replaced fuel line and fuel filter. Exhaust Muffler is clean, however. After tune up I have to shoot a little mix in carb to start, and the engine runs great, and I can shut it off and it starts back up first...
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    Honda HRX 217 Service Manual?

    Hi, Just ordered a Honda HRX 217 VKA and was wondering the best place to find a shop service manual. I plan to do my own maintance and repairs. A lot of good vids on the Internet but nothing takes the place of a good manual. Any help is appreciated!
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    ECHO HC-150 Hedge Trimmer/ Scored Cylinder-Piston!

    Hi, I have a friend that runs a Lawn repair business and every now and then I get an orphan piece of machinery. He gave me a ECHO HC-150 as I need a trimmer and would rather rebuild one than just go out and buy it. This one has a scored cylinder and piston. Also a hole in the crankcase. I...
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    Rebuilt trimmer won't start!

    Hi, I came into 2 Echo string trimmers and decided to do a basic rebuild. The first was a SRM-140 curved pole trimmer. Rebuilt carb with kit. New fuel line w/filter. New spark plug. Trimmer started right up after rebuild tuned it and it is good to go. Next trimmer is a SRM-200 DA straight...