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    echo pb500-t

    Hi, The cheap $10 carbs from China seem to work for awhile then go South pretty quick for me. I've gone back to OEM and then OEM rebuild kits when needed, lesson learned. You need to pressure test,vacumn test crankcase and can also test the carb. Plenty of informative vids out there on...
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    WTB Shindawia T282 Trimmer Head Guard

    Hi, Wow! Used is usually cheaper than new, that's what I'm looking for, thanks for the insight!
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    ECHO PE-225 Adventures!

    Hi, Ok, ran the saw today even though not tuned like I wanted, edged my yard and right at the end of the work it died. Took it in and it would not even try to start. Tested spark and compression, both good. Set it up for pressure test on crankcase and got nothing! Pulled starter off...
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    WTB Shindawia T282 Trimmer Head Guard

    Hi, Thanks, looking for used! (cheap!)
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    WTB Shindawia T282 Trimmer Head Guard

    Hi, Looking for trimmer head guard and attachment hardware if possible, for my rebuilt T282!
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    ECHO PE-225 Adventures!

    Hi, Ok, checked the muffler and no screen and no carbon. I'll get some good 2 stroke oil tomorrow, Stihl or Amsoil and try some fresh non ethanol mix?
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    ECHO PE-225 Adventures!

    Hi, Thanks, it's an Edger not a Saw but I guess it's all related. The compression is 90 and that is with a new ring as I said. The mix is 40:1 but admittedly is a little old, I'll make a fresher batch. The ports are clean and the muffler should be also, but will check again! Thanks! Ok, I...
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    ECHO PE-225 Adventures!

    Hi, Bought a "does not run" PE-225 edger for $5 and slapped a cheap Chi-Com carb on it and it ran for about a couple of month and then would not start again. Did the usual troubleshooting and found when I added a little mix to the cylinder it would pop off. I also think it might of had...
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    Feedback on ECHO PB-60 HT Blower?

    Hi, Found a ECHO PB-60 HT for a very good price. I know this is an older unit, but just going to use it only for my own yard. Can someone tell me what the "HT" stands for???
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    Small Engine Adventures!

    Hi, Thought I would relate something that happened lately. I finally got my wife to fire (sort of) the yard man. Sold a rifle and bought a new HONDA lawn mower. Now I needed a edger and weedeater. Almost fainted when I saw what the new ones cost! While at the ECHO dealer, talked to the...
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    ECHO Carb Rebuild Kits???

    Hi, I just ordered a ECHO rebuild kit for my PPF-210 Pruning Saw. I finally found an OEM kit from ECHO, but I noticed a lot off off brand kits on E-Bay and Amazon. I assume they are from CHINA? Just wondering where is the best place to get real USA made kits and or are you guys using the...
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    Weed Eater starts when warm, but not when cold?

    Hi, I have an older ECHO SRM 140DA Weed Eater. I just rebuilt the carb and replaced fuel line and fuel filter. Exhaust Muffler is clean, however. After tune up I have to shoot a little mix in carb to start, and the engine runs great, and I can shut it off and it starts back up first...
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    Honda HRX 217 Service Manual?

    Hi, Just ordered a Honda HRX 217 VKA and was wondering the best place to find a shop service manual. I plan to do my own maintance and repairs. A lot of good vids on the Internet but nothing takes the place of a good manual. Any help is appreciated!
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    ECHO HC-150 Hedge Trimmer/ Scored Cylinder-Piston!

    Hi, I have a friend that runs a Lawn repair business and every now and then I get an orphan piece of machinery. He gave me a ECHO HC-150 as I need a trimmer and would rather rebuild one than just go out and buy it. This one has a scored cylinder and piston. Also a hole in the crankcase. I...
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    Rebuilt trimmer won't start!

    Hi, I came into 2 Echo string trimmers and decided to do a basic rebuild. The first was a SRM-140 curved pole trimmer. Rebuilt carb with kit. New fuel line w/filter. New spark plug. Trimmer started right up after rebuild tuned it and it is good to go. Next trimmer is a SRM-200 DA straight...