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    Maverick manual deck foot control - how to lock in up position

    Thanks for the clarification, just mowed for the first time today with Maverick and all went well. Pigdoc
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    Maverick manual deck foot control - how to lock in up position

    Just got a new Maverick KAW 60" cut machine. It has the manual foot pedal to raise/lower the cutting deck. How do I lock the deck in the 'up' position? When I tested the mower, I seem to remember that it would lock if you depressed the foot control all the way, the depress again to release to...
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    Oil drain plug size

    From the sales invoice: ZD28F-72P with s/n 28981
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    Oil drain plug size

    What is the size of the oil drain plug for the Kubota ZD28 mower? Thanks in advance. Pigdoc
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    ZD28 safety stop kicking in while mowing

    While mowing with our ZD28, it has started stopping intermittently, like the safety 'stop' is engaging. The motor shuts down just like if you stood up off the seat, then starts going again just prior to full stoppage. I tried the search for this, but couldn't find the key words that worked...
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    Older sprayer used for Roundup

    I've got an ATV sprayer that I used a few years ago (7+) for round-up'ing the fence lines at my horse farm. Now the horse farm is sold, and I need a sprayer to apply herbicide to my 1.5 acre lawn. Can I use the old sprayer that was used for Roundup? Is there a way to clean the Roundup residue...