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    How to rid my lawn of Knawel

    This weed is taking over my lawn. Hadn't noticed it in past years, but this year-BAM! Also have Henbit, but the sprays have worked fairly well killing it off. Research says Knawel is a German moss? I have used Roundup lawn weed killer spray, Spectricide lawn weed killer in spray & granules. They...
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    How do from Delaware

    Names CD. I strive for a beautiful lawn, but ain't made it yet. Lookin' forward to help from ya'll. We also have 2 garden plots. I'll be looking for help with them also. For the last 20 years I've had 1966 thru 1984 JD & CC garden tractors. The engines died in the last 2 CCs so my wife said sell...
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    16 HP opposed twin gas dripping from fuel pump vents

    My tractor is always kept in the shed. It has the original B&S 16HP opposed twin with roughly 1100 hours. My last use was mowing in late Oct. 2018. When I finished mowing I changed the oil. I add 4 ozs of MMO to every 5 gallons of gas. The first week of Dec, I started the tractor and drove it...