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    New to ventrac, looking for info

    Hey everybody! If you hadn't seen my previous posts, I lucked out a received a Ventrac 4100 as a perk when we bought a new home. We only have 2 acres but it is steep and hilly. The machine still slides at times-any recommendations? I am also looking for plain english understanding of the...
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    Advice on a 4500 ventrac

    I have a 10 year old model, I also have steep terrain around a dry pond and 10' drop off to a stream. I feel very solid and safe on my rig.
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    Post Picture of your Ventrac!

    Here is my 2006 Ventrac 4100 gas. I lucked out here! I inherited this machine as a perk when we bought our house in May. We have 2 acres, of which, at least half is on very hilly terrain, easily 25% grade if not more! Sometimes I think the dual wheels would be better for our scenario. I...