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    Husqvarna 128LD Trimmer Piston Question

    Yeah, I'm thinking that the arch is there to make it easier to get the 2nd clip installed. The 1st clip is easier to install because you can hold the piston in your hand while twisting the clip into its groove. But the 2nd clip must be installed after the rod is attached to the pin, thus it is...
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    Husqvarna 128LD Trimmer Piston Question

    The retaining clips on the kit I got are identical; both have tangs. Which side gets the arch, the left clutch/shaft side (red dot) or right recoil side (yellow dot) or does it matter?
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    Husqvarna 128LD Trimmer Piston Question

    Am rebuilding a 128LD. Received the OEM kit from seller and noticed that the piston has different openings where the piston pin affixes Notice the arch on one side versus no arch on the other. The scored piston that I am replacing has no such arch. Is this critical when inserting the piston into...
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    Brand New HRX217VYA - 1hr Of Use With Factory Oil ONLY?

    Yeah, I agree that you are likely ok. Honda ... well ... does things different. The capacity of the engine is 18-20 oz. but when one changes the oil, he is only supposed to add about 12. The difference is residual that somehow doesn't come out when the engine is tipped over for draining. Go...
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    What is Normal Operating Temperature?

    Anyone know what the NOT is for a GCV160 or GCV190? All the manuals I have found simply refer to NOT but none give an actual temp in degrees. I did find a forum where a Honda motorbike was reported at a max of about 210 degrees.
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    HRX217K4HYA starts fine then dies after about 2 min

    Glad it got solved. If it comes back, I kinda suspect the coil. Sometimes the heat from the engine exposes weakness in the coil which could explain why it runs for awhile & then dies. I mean, it must be getting fuel because it starts & runs for at least 2 minutes. Aftermarket coils on Amazon are...
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    Honda HRX217 ... what is this spring?

    Thanks for the clarification. Honda has so many model #'s ... it gets confusing. Anyway, I went to the link you provided & it shows both the upper & lower spring. I think perhaps the lower spring is sort of a safety "overkill" item. It assists the upper spring in bringing the mower to a stop...
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    Honda HRX217 ... what is this spring?

    Mine is the HMA model, not the K2.
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    Honda HRX217 ... what is this spring?

    Picked up a used HRX217 HMA a few years ago & have enjoyably mowed with it for 3 seasons. Recently I saw an HRX video at where a similar model has the lower spring (called a "tension spring" in the video) pictured below whereas mine does not. Mine has the upper spring...
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    Split apart General Transmission on self-propelled mower

    I suppose one could insert a zerk. As I originally posted , I am dealing with a 10 year old JD, long after JD exited the walk behind market. So, if the tranny fails, I have few options to keep a fine mower propelling. So, even though I am good presently, I am just thinking ahead.
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    Split apart General Transmission on self-propelled mower

    Yeah, I think the risk is greater than the reward but just thought I'd ask.
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    Split apart General Transmission on self-propelled mower

    I have a John Deere walk behind, JS46 (2010-2011). The tranny (rear wheel) is fine now but since this mower is no longer being made, parts are becoming few & far between. I'd like to open up the tranny and check the grease situation & probably clean & re-grease like I do on my Toro's. I have had...
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    Honda HRX 217 surging

    If you are confident that you have thoroughly cleaned it, you have 2 options: 1) buy a new carb on Amazon for as low as $10 from time to time or 2) buy a set of micro drill bits (cheap) and open up the main jet in increments until (hopefully) the surging ceases. Hondas are finicky.
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    Inside the Transmission -- Take Apart

    I might suggest watching these two videos. I followed this fellow's recommendations this summer on an HMA with good success. The speed increased substantially from mediocre to where I am comfortable walking in the mid range of the orange speed lever. Be sure to spend some time bleeding the air...
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    Briggs carb, what is this opening for?

    Okay. Good discussion; that's what I was hoping for.