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    Re: The New Mustang 5.0

    They are a great car! I bought a 2012 a couple of years ago with a 6 speed in it. Not quite the same car as yours, but it has the same Coyote engine . The new series of engines in these things is absolutely incredible. Over 400 HP with a factory warranty, stock reliability and some very good driveability.

    Just a few years ago, something as budget as a Mustang that made 400+ HP would have needed tons of work, would probably have a lopey idle and would be pretty rude to drive on the street. These new generation engines (GM and MOPAR included!) are tame as can be below about 3200 RPM don't have issues with vacuum and, oh by the way, get some decent mileage. Not quite an econobox, but I know that my GT gets better mileage than my 2004 Kia Optima that it replaced, unless I drive it fast. On top of that, when you open the hood, you can actually see the engine; smog tech is advanced enough that it's not the power-robbing nightmare it used to be.

    I'm sure you've already looked it up, but there are a TON of forums out there with great information and several of them even have actual Ford representatives who monitor them and are actively posting.

    I hope you get to drive it every once in a while!

    How does your wife like it compared to the BMW it replaced?
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