X584 SERIES VS X739 VS Z915E?


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Jul 4, 2020
Greetings ! If i need to give brief; here it is: I just bought new property with 11 acres. Its rough terrain but mostly just field(weed and lawn mix) and not so much tree. What i wanna do is small scale Orchard. So i don't really need big tractors. Plus that is my 2nd property and i will be there only couple days a week and i don't want to spent so much on big tractor and use only couple time a month.I also think if i get zero turn or heavy duty garden tractor i can use it around my 2 acre residency property. But i cant decide:
-if i get Z915E can it handle rough terrain?
-Is anybody has experience How is X584 on rough terrain?
-X739 is quite expensive but one of the best in class. I can buy X500 series and Z915E together and it will be same price with X739. Should i do this ? buy X500 series for Orchard work, and Z915E for mowing? My worry is if X584 and Z915E can handle rough field? Thank you in advance.