Undersized bagging kit for Big Dog

Maumee Mike

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Oct 30, 2019
I have the Big Dog Alpha MPX 60" ZTR which is an absolute beast I can mow my 3.5 acres in about an hour and a half I purchased the after market bagging kit for about $700 but the bags are undersized which I do not understand and the dealer I purchased it from doesn't understand it either he did tell me that John Deere has bags that will fit my bagger kit so I went to the local John Deere dealer and they weren't too interested in helping me even though I have spent literally thousands of dollars there over the years the sales rep just whined about the fact that I didn't buy the John Deere product does anybody out there know of the particular John Deere bags that I can get or any other for that matter?

thanks and I look forward to participate in this forum