Toro Readystart 190cc 7.25hp... miracle cure for "won't start" and "stalling"


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Jun 15, 2017
Toro Readystart 190cc 7.25hp... miracle cure for "won't start" and "stalling"

Have a toro 190cc 7.25hp Readystart.

Looked EVERYWHERE on what could be wrong...

Spark plugs...nope

Air filter...clean and high grade...

Still stalled.

Wife and I were lamenting about our 1.75 acre yard growing and our serious issue not being able to buy and replace the carb until next payday (20 days away for disability)...

Then my wife says "What if you flipped it over to clear out the carb float or something?" ... Yegods do I love my wife :)

Flipping the mower after tapping the carb with a wrench, pulling the ripcord a few times, then flipping it over?

All of the sudden, Marla (our toro) started coughing out every bit of sludge....and WORKED!!! Got the whole yard mowed, and it stalled a couple more times throughout, yet for us in our situation, it was a true miracle.

Flipping the mower and attempting to start it somehow dislodged the gunk in something and it helped.

Not recommended, but it worked for us when nobody else had any answers.

Hooray for team marriage :)