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Sep 20, 2019

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In the event that you sow grass seed, you may unintentionally bring grass into your beds, particularly on the off chance that you utilize a communicate spreader, says James. "Regardless of how cautious you are, a couple of dozen to a couple of thousand grass seeds will discover their way into your beds."

Consider changing from a communicate spreader to a drop spreader, which won't toss the seeds, enabling you to get straight up to the edge of a fringe. On the off chance that you do utilize a communicate spreader, attempt to escape with the goal that the seeds don't get tossed into the beds. Return later and dissipate the seeds along the edge of the outskirt by hand.

At last, consider purchasing a communicate spreader that comes outfitted with a doohickey like this to keep the spreader from tossing seed on one side, which at that point enables you to get straight up along the edges of your outskirts.

In spite of your earnest attempts, it's totally conceivable that grass will at present discover its way into your nursery beds. At the point when that occurs, your most logical option is to expel the grass by hand, or on the off chance that you totally should, utilize a herbicide to carry out the responsibility for you. In any case, on the off chance that you utilize a herbicide, regardless of whether natural or engineered, be cautious that you don't debase close by plants. Abstain from splashing on a blustery day and consider applying the herbicide with a paintbrush or wipe. Splash the herbicide straightforwardly on the brush fibers or wipe first.

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Oct 18, 2018
I overseed in the winter with rye. Tried drop spreader...too hard to get it uniform in my windy gulf coast. So I use a broadcast spreader and hit the beds with a pre-emergent. It won’t hurt shrubs.


Sep 6, 2018
Thanks for sharing these tips. We recently moved and I want to make a lawn, I'm not new to this, but I never planted a large piece of land with grass (now it's just grass). I know that the earth needs to be fertilized, because the soil isn't contain much useful substances for plants. My friend advised me to also use fertilizers such as . Iєm not too familiar with Cho Han Kyu’s horticulture system, so I’m interested in the opinions of people who are more interested in this.