Scag Patriot or a Husqvarna Z560

Scag patriot or Husqvarna Z560?

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Apr 8, 2020
Good Afternoon,

In the next day or two I need to decide on a lawn mower for my property. I have 8 acres, some of it is bumpy, some of it is smooth, some hills, and a lot of the grass can shoot up to 8-10 inches quickly. I want to buy local and I have it down to a Scag Patriot (25hp kohler, with 3400 hydros), or a husqvarna Z560 (27.5hp yamaha, with 4400 hydros), Both are 60 inch decks. Will the husqvarna outperform the scag with the larger motor and hydros? I tested the husqvarna but was unable to get on the scag at the dealership. The price would be about 5-6 hundred more for the husqvarna. The factors that matter to me are durability, resale, speed (without having to turn around and cut twice), and dependability. The factors that are not as important are comfort, and stripe (new term to me). Thanks for your help. I hope it leads me one way or the other.
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