Replacing rear axle seals on Ford 16hp diesel LGT


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Aug 7, 2017
My right rear axle is leaking. If you have one, you know the wheel hub is part of the axle. I understand Ford changed that sometime later. therefore, I have to remove the transmission housing which is on the left side in order to expose the axle for the right side. Once inside, I remove a snap ring and the axle should pull out.

My problem is removing the housing. One of the eight bolts is semi hidden by the end of the frame. Even if I could get to the bolt, I think the frame is in the way of slipping off the housing. At the bottom of the housing, part of it is behind the rear shaft that drives my rototiller. So I'm wondering if I need to remove all the three point hitch set up. I loosened the from and rear bearing housing for this shaft - I replace the both bearings a few years ago - those were a little hard to find, but has been working great since. I thought the shaft should now just slip out, but it doesn't. I'm not sure if I just need to give it a good wack or not - I know I had the front bearing housing off which I put in the new bearing, so I thought it was free, but just don't recall now.

So I'm hoping someone has had to do this before and give me some help.

thank you, CFB