Questions about recent commercial belt walk behinds (w436)


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May 31, 2020
I just picked up a 2017 w436 36" Belt drive commercial walk behind with 30 hours on it from a homeowner with < 1/2acre lawn. Still under warranty for another year. I believe it was well over $3k new and he was asking $1500, which I thought was plenty fair and didn't haggle.

My only apprehension is that I can't find ANYTHING about these mowers online (or it's w448 big brother) besides the user manual and a couple sales videos. It is still listed on the husky site

So just wondering if anyone has one or has any experience with them or anything to watch out for?

How about service manuals? The user guide gives basic belts and brakes stuff, but more detail would help (like there's a belt guide on one side that looks like it is not in the right position)

Also I'd prefer to mulch. Any idea if a mulch kit is just a plate that goes over the hole, or is it more involved - or is one even available? I only see it listed with no pic at one store online for $150.

Thanks, and hope to contribute once I figure this beast out a bit.