Purchased a HD 48" demo from a dealer in TX with 20 hrs on it. Told over the phone it was a 2019 but when I got home it was a 17. I got a couple ?'s.


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Apr 23, 2020
I'm not trying to blame anyone so let's get that out of the way. I'm just as at fault for not checking the serial number (my first zero turn and first Gravely) as the dealer is for not saying it was a 17. I truely don't believe they were being dishonest. Right now all dealers are slammed in TX aso he could've been thinking of another mower. Who knows.

With that said a few questions for you all (and a little back story). Been searching for weeks. Found this deal which I had to drive two hours each way for this afternoon (and rent a trailer). Other schedules fell behind during the day so I finally showed up right at closing (again, my fault but kids and other things happen). Had a brief overview, it's very clean except for a few scrapes on deck and back bumper. Overall I'd say excellent condition. It's been clearly used to mow though. Not an issue but just saying. I also opted to upgrade to the suspension seat and it came with the mulching kit installed. They loaded it up right away as everyone wanted to go home, totally understood.
I paid cash $4860 out the door and $400 for seat upgrade which they kept my old seat (never actually saw it).

Here's my questions, really appreciate any thoughts or help:

•Is there any difference between the 17 and 19 models?
•We talked about it being a 2019 multiple times and the length of the warranty as a 2019. Now I have 2 years less of a warranty which might be an issue. Thoughts?
•Clearly the value is lower being two years older. I still feel it's a good deal after doing research for weeks but wondering if this community feels it's not that great of a deal for a 17?
•The hour meter flashes oil in .8 I believe. I''ll have to double check tomorrow to confirm. It also doesn't turn off. They said they did a full service when I picked it up, would't this be reset?
•I plan on calling the dealer tomorrow. Wondering if there's else you all think I should bring up?

Coming from a 42" JD LA110 this Gravely HD looks amaizng! I'm sure it operates even better than it looks. As this is my first foray into zero turns I clearly missed a few things I should've checked on while picking up...but that's also why I went thru a Gravely dealer. If I'd gone private seller I'd 100% be on my own.

Apologies for the long read, any and all opinions appreciated. Cheers!


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Nov 29, 2014
The hour meter is not resettable.
So it will fash a service warning for a couple of hours then go back to normal mode till the hours get clocked up for the next service.
Long warranties are not what people think.
If a manufacturing defect has not shown up in the first two years you are highly unlikely to get a warranty claim for much.

Currently I have a kawasaki engine with 3 months of the 3 year warranty left & the owners thinks he has a claim because it is using 1liter of oil per hour


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Apr 9, 2018
Do you know what the actual full list price is on that mower was when new? You bought a two year old used mower. I'd think twice about that unless it was just a killer deal.