Ornery 628D

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Jun 21, 2020
Bought a 628d about 5 yrs ago. After a new set of blades and a deck belt its been a pretty good machine. Mowing some roughage out near my fence line the darn thing just quits as if id shut the engine off with the key. Went back and brought zome more fuel knowing it should have had plenty. As expected it only took 2 gallons. She wouldstart and run breifly, but when I realeased the brake the engine died. Went and go my skidsteer and dragged it out of the woods to my shop. Checked all the fuel line, in-line filter, fuel pump and replaced main fuel filter. Still no wanna run. Soon as I release the brake, she dies. Then I tried putting a ziptie on the switch to hold it closed when I released the brake. That let the engine run anyway. So, im thinking I can at least cut some grass even if I cant open that switch. Wrong! As soon as I flipped the switch to activate hyddraulic moter on the deck, bingo, it kills the engine. Ive pretty well deactivated most of the safty switches that govt reqiures on stuff these days so now I'm out of ideas as to how I'll get the old beast running again. There are a couple of relays under the control panel but I dont know what they control or how to check them. Anybody got any ideas?I'd appreciate any input thanks


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Nov 29, 2014
you have a problem with the seat switch
Seat switch + brake switch to allow you to get off & open gates or pick up debris without shutting down
Seat switch + PTO switch kills the engine so you can not run over yourself or reach into the discharge chute with the blades spinning ( around 100 or so of these a year down here )

So engine dies when the brake is released = seat switch is activated
PPto kills the engine = seat switch is activated

Now being a Jake there is probably 3 relays hidden in there somewhere .
Very good chance that the seat switch wires got snagged in the rough.
No idea what a 628D seat switch looks like but if it is a 2 wire switch chances it just goes eitheropen or closed wnem your bum hits the seat.
If it s a 3 or 4 wire switch then it is a tad more difficult.

And remember most of them are ground switches.