Need help asap. Ariens Ikon X 52 inch zero turn mower- rear tire/rim


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Jun 8, 2020
I've looked all over the internet (because, God forbid the manual should have it), but I cannot find anywhere how to remove the rear tire (and rim) from the mower. I took out the bolt and pulled like hell. It won't budge. No clip there. I'll post a link so you can see what the rear tire/rim looks like. I am in shock something this "simple" isn't posted somewhere on youtube or ariens related sites. I'd have tried sooner but just now went outside just before dark and it's flat. I can't get the rim off of the mower to have the tire replaced or fixed....and I have to mow my dad's property very early tomorrow. I hope someone is awake that can help me figure this out.


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Nov 29, 2014
You are in for a fun time
Every 2 years or so those wheels need to come off & the axle greased or coated with never seize to prevent the rim rusting solid onto the axle .
My method
get a pair of scissor jacks . If you don't have any a car wrecker will have bins full of them
Put two between the rim & the body, either side of the rim and wind them out to put a good amount of pressure on the rim.
They will not push the wheel off and applying too much pressure will rip the axle right out & you really do not want to do that.
Get an allan headed cap screw to fit in the end of the axle .
Do the allan bolt up tight then I use an air hammer on the end of the axle
Eventually the wheel will shift a little & the jacks will drop a bit.
Apply a bit more pressure then hit the end of the axle again till the jacks slip down a bit.
Repeat as necessary till the wheel comes off.
Lots of penetrant + heat will go a long way to shortening the suffering.
It is not uncommon to have one take better than 20 hours to come off .
You can use the proverbial BLH or the even bigger FHH but big hammer blows will tend to mushroom the end of the axle and if the jacks are not taking the force of the blow pound the axle through the transmission ( not pretty )