Walk behind HRX217TDA - drive issues


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Sep 21, 2019
I have a 10yr old HRX217TDA (3 speed) that will not self propel. I have replaced the: drive belt, clutch cable, gear selection cable, entire transmission and other misc. parts. The tension spring appears to keep the drive belt tight. The motor is strong / starts and runs great. The mower cuts fine, but when I engage the clutch, no movement in any gear if the wheels are on the ground.I can push the mower just fine, but to power assist. If I start the mower, put in any gear, lift the rear tires off the ground, then engage the clutch, the wheels move at speed. But if I lower the rear so the wheels are on the ground, nothing. It's like it has only 1 lb of moving force. The old transmission started making noises last year and could only climb our small hill (sideways) in 1st gear. This year the mower with the old transmission stopped propelling altogether. So I replaced the transmission (new 20001-VH7-003). Afterwards I noticed the old transmission's lever had 1 1/2 inches of travel, while the brand new Honda transmission's lever only moves 1/2 inch. If the mower is off, I can push the mower just fine, but if I engage the clutch, the rear wheels lock up, which is what I would expect them to do. When I start the mower and engage the clutch, there are NO funny noises, rattles, squeaks, etc. To me it appears the new transmission is not engaging fully, but I have no ideas how to verify this. ANY ideas??