Honda Owners Group

Jun 8, 2012
I just wanted to tell you that there are many groups available for people to join. There is a Honda Owners Group. You can join this group if you have any kind of Honda equipment....from mowers to snowblowers, if you have one, join! You can have discussions and post pictures! The more members the better, so join below:
Honda Owners Group:
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Apr 30, 2019
Don’t love mine...bought mine over the internet and it seemed it was shipped in the factory box without it ever being opened. After much research I found it wouldn’t roll backward because someone who had one too many put the pinion gears on backwards


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Oct 21, 2019
don't love mine. I mentiomed to Hubby read that a Honda was great and easy to start. so when he went back to big former city last year during the winter. He went by himself and bought a Honda. Well the saleman said someone returned it or traded it in. it looked new He said. Got the 3 yr like new warranty too.
I had mentioned also that an elec start model might be good too previously.
It is so heavy of a deck. It is so hard to push it back up the hill when motor is off. ( i am. a SEnior skinny female )and Right away Noticed it was so hard to restart when you would let go of the blade engagement to empty bagger etc. had to wait a long time for it to work rather turning the key or pulling the recoil starter. what a pain in the butt
The reason had to turn off the mower before putting it back in the garage as the s driveway up hill and is gravel
Now I still have my old Bunton but havent used it in a long time Cause Hubby used the big rider to cut most of the acreage. and a mower to trim areas he cant get to with the 54 inch cut tractor
we also had a Neuton mower sev yrs old so prev used that some for "trimming" some.
I wanted to kick the mower cause when i want to mulch leaves etc I wanna get it done. Not wait around for the engine to start again. For the money this thing cost I said "why doesn't it have a blade stop like the old Bunton does ?
when WE went back to city last week dropped off the Honda to be looked at. I asked why their Hondas didnt have an aluminum deck.. LIke my former Craftsman, and sev prev Lawn Boys... I didnt mention about blades not being able to be stopped. we were in semi hurry and place was busy.
Hubby Called today and supposedly they just started on it. City is 1 1/2 hrs away.
so I got looking some thru the Honda questions on THIS FORUM and I see the words"roto_stop" Now Im livid
I could have had such a feature. Rah. and not have to turn off the engine to go around the other part of yard etc when going over the gravel driveway
I hurriedly told Hubby about such a feature.. He said the salesman never even told him about such........ Im spiting mad
anybody else have such a prob with their Hondas having to wait a lot time to restart the engine? etc. Hubby saw or read somewhere about that carb and something to do with "wax"