Honda HRX217 Drive Control Conversion


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Feb 10, 2017
Assuming that all of the parts are available, is there any reason why a brand new Honda HRX217VKA cannot be converted from the Select Drive controls to a Smart Drive setup?

Some may ask why, but for me the Smart Drive is more comfortable to operate and it has the advantage of being easier to modulate the speed, especially when going up hills.

In looking at parts diagrams it would appear as if I could acquire a complete handlebar assembly from a K4 or earlier variant, or build my own with new parts and swap out the handles.

If there are any mechanics out there who have worked on the HRX drive systems, I would like some feedback as to whether or not this swap should be straight-forward or if there is anything else I would need to consider outside of the handles. I believe that K4 to K5 the only difference was the handle (smart drive to select drive) and from K5 to K6 was the engine (190cc to 200cc). If that is the case the swap should be both possible and quite easy. And trust me, if I could find a K4 or earlier new in the box I would buy it.

Thank you in advance.



Aug 4, 2013
I rather have the Smart Drive from the Honda HRN217 on the Honda HRX217 than the Select Drive the HRX217 now comes with. After looking at the Select Drive mechanism a while I am wondering if you could cut off the downward wingtips tips of the V shaped Select Drive engagement lever (GRIP, CLUTCH (UPPER)) , turn the speed control all the way up, and basically end up with a smart drive system. Fellows, please let me know what you think. Is this an crazy idea or am I on to something?