Honda HRR216K11VKA right front wheel off the ground


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Jul 17, 2019
My new Honda mower HRR216K11VKA purchased from Mowers has a right front wheel that is slightly off the ground. The surface is level. I've listened to You Tubes on how to fix it. They say replace the right front wheel support. However they don't say what is wrong with the part. If it is this part, I suspect it is out of dimension. I've read many other posts siting the same issue with this mower. Conclusion was it is a characteristic of the mower. As I'm mowing, I see the wheel skip. Seems to me that it is a defect and should be repaired. The weight of the mower won't be distributed evenly and the left wheel will fail due to the added weight. I'm a retired engineer and this is my opinion which is probably accurate. I have owned many mowers and have never seen one with this so called characteristic.