Exmark PTO clutch


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Jul 2, 2020
Im am very aware this could be a host of problems but wanted to throw it at you guys and see what you think. Mower is Laser z 60 with Kohler sp27.
Last year I replaced the pto clutch with a aftermarket one. It worked fine last season but now I'm having troubles. #1. Something seems to be draining the battery. #2. When I engage the blades it kills the engine or will stay running if I disengage blades quick enough. Also, sometimes when I engage the engine will stay running but runs like crap. Then after 20 or so attempts it will engage fine and everything is good for the time being. #3. Running along just fine and the engine just dies but if Im quick enough to disengage the blades it'll catch back up.
Totally understand if no one wants to touch this one. I know there is a lot of electrical problems that it could be. Im just trying to figure out if I should try another clutch before I go through all the trouble with the flywheel stuff. Thanks