Everide Warrior 60" wont start. Lost.


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Hello all,

Came here looking for a hope and prayer. I'm at my witts end with this thing.

I have a everide warrior (model: ZKW2560) it has the Kawasaki 25hp (4H721V) v-twin engine on it.

Ran the mower great all spring and summer. then, when I put it up for the fall, I went out to start it just a couple weeks later to mulch up some leaves. It wouldn't start. I have tried so many things to get this thing running.

I got fuel (even tried spraying starting fluid in)
Got air
Tested for spark, Got spark
Got compression
I've bypassed the fuel solenoid
I've bypassed the kill wire on the coils
Ive checked the flywheel key, it was fine, I even replaced it anyways.

It just sits there and cranks cranks cranks cranks. Doesn't even try to ignite and fire. It has backfired a few times. Today I cranked the hell out of it for 10-15 mins and it started for about 3 seconds

I'm out of ideas.....
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Ignorance, is charging forward with no idea of what you are doing.
Intelleiece is asking for help when you need it.
You will find your manual here https://www.mymowerparts.com/pdf/Kawasaki-Service-and-Repair-Manuals/.
It is the 11 th line
Your engine is a FH 721V not a 4H

A couple of things you can do .

Remove the air filter and Check that the choke is fully closed

Get a can of carb cleaner spray ( it is easier on petrol engines than starter fluid )
Get some new plugs and warm them up in the oven ( helps to prevent them getting wet & shorting out )
Spray a tiny amount down each plug hole, pop the plugs back in and crank the engine.
Let us know what happens.

Do the same but this time spray the goo through the carb from a few inches away while cranking the engine
Let us know what happens

Check that the cboke