Echo PB-256L Blower Dies Abruptly after running for a few minutes ....


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Nov 11, 2019

Searched the group and found some helpful info, but I feel like I already tried everything suggested, so presenting my issue here in hopes of finding a solution. Also would like feedback on one hypothesis and if it makes any sense at all.

I have an Echo PB-256SL blower that has never had any issues until recently. The symptoms are these:

- running fine and then abruptly dies - no sputtering, noises, visual indications of problems - just dies as if it were electric and the plug got pulled.
- upon trying to restart, no luck - as if no spark is available to allow combustion
- in some cases, coming back later blower may start but will die soon after as described

I have done the following with no change in behavior until the last thing I did (more on that in a moment):

- replaced plug, carb, fuel lines, vent, filter, etc. and grommet, gaskets etc. and spark arrestor
- tested spark - it has spark
- tested compression - around 120 psi

Same exact behavior, so I do not believe it is the carb or fuel system, but I am not someone that knows this stuff very well, so open to suggestions.

The last thing I did, which I thought fixed the problem was to reinstall everything to be sure I did not miss something, or install something incorrectly, or not tighten a screw or bolt, etc. After doing this, machine fired up and ran for 5 minutes - problem fixed, right? Next day took it out and under load it ran longer than before, but after 6 minutes or so, it died abruptly, exactly like before.

From reading through the forum, is it possible the exhaust is clogged somewhere along the way and relacing the arrestor does not fix that? How do you completely clean out the exhaust system?
Another post mentioned other places along the route where clogs could prevent fuel delivery.

Another thought: Is it possible the wiring for the start/stop on the handle is faulty causing the machine to "think" that I have flipped the switch to off? Maybe prolonged vibration is causing a short? Can this switch be bypassed for testing purposes?

Thanks for your help.



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Nov 29, 2014
Mike, buy an orange in line spark tester and if it to the blower.
Then go use it.
When it is stopping look at the tester
If there is no light or flashes then the ignition is the problem.

should that be the case, remove the side cover and take the thin wire off the coil then tape it over
Now pull the starter cord and see if you get flashes from the coil.
If none then the coil has an internal fault and will need to be replaced
If there is a spark, replace the side cover and run the blower.
Problem goes away = bad switch or wires going between it and the coil
problem remains = bad coil.

The tester you are looking for is about 10" long and has an exposed terminal on one end , a globe in the middle and a covered terminal on the other end
They are around $ 20 and available from most mower shops .
Oregon market a nice one.
The important thing is it has a red /orange globe in it.
The white ones & 3 point testers are near impossible to see in the daylight and even harder on hand held tools cause they shake & bounce around.

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Jul 15, 2013
Are you using Echo brand 2 cycle oil with a quality brand fuel treatment, Lucas, per instructions on bottle & 93 octane fresh gas?