Echo bar studs stripped from block? The fix!

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Dec 3, 2018
Below are pic's of a customers CS 355T chain saw (commercial tree service, run hard!!) I had to repair.

The studs that screw into the plastic case/"block", had, over time, come loose and stripped in the block (huge holes). Their not secured very deep into the block and this is a second machine I've had to repair.

On the back side of the stud holes is the fuel tank.

The original threads/studs are metric. Short of replacing the case, I did the following which will NEVER FAIL:

I drilled out both holes as specified by the same metric tap (as used to hold the bar) all the way thru to the tank.

I then tapped (pictured) the holes. I could have simply run a threaded stud thru the hole and put a nut on the inside however
I elected to put a Phillips head bolt from the inside of tank, outward. I did use a little bit of sealer however between the plastic block and new studs, is a super tight fit (and very likely wouldn't leak).

Once the studs were installed, I shortened them up to match the originals.

You can do a similar repair with just threading into the block (if no access to the tank, or on another machine, in another location..

This commercially used machine was put back into service, another day for the crew to try and destroy! Still running currently.

Feel free to copy the repair or any part of it...