CMM1200 Batter Connector


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Aug 1, 2016
I have a BD mower. I believe it was the 1000 model, but, was converted to the 1200 because of the recall. The charger and safety key assembly went from near the motor to the handle.

It's been working fine up until recently. I noticed the charger wasn't working very well and saw that the insulation on the cord was missing where it flexed so I shortened the cable a little to remove that spot and thought I had fixed the problem. However, recently the mower didn't run despite having been on the charger. I played around a little with the charger because I just reconnected the wires with twist connectors and thought maybe one of them had become loose or something. I could see that the charge was working to some degree, although I didn't actually measure voltage off the charger very long, but, noticed that when I put he meter between the terminals I could sometimes briefly see a voltage and then the green light would come on and I didn't get a reading. I'm assuming it sensed it wasn't charging and shut off or something. So I attached it to the mower again and tried the mower and it ran OK, but, not very long. I'm assuming this is because I only had it on charge for about an hour.

So I don't know if the charger is starting to go bad in some other way, maybe the batteries are bad, but, I think they are only about a year old and I can usually get two years out of them.

Does anyone have any suggestions on things I should check? If the charger is bad I'd like to not limit myself to the BD charger. I guess if I got a different charger I could splice in their connector, but, does anyone know if this connector is available anywhere on its own or if there are any workarounds to modify the connection system and yet maintain the safety switch?

I've found a nearby source for the same batteries considerably cheaper than BD or Batteries Plus. My neighbor has a new mower with Li ion batteries, but, he has problems with it either overheating and cutting out or some problem with the BMS system. The SLA batteries have enough capacity for my yard and are cheap and simpler.