Any Makita OPE'rs? Get in here and let's talk teal...


Mar 30, 2017
Plain and simple... I'm thinking of adopting the Makita 18x2 36v battery platform for all my outdoor power equipment tools.

Freedom from cords. Freedom from gas. Freedom from oil.

Freedom from carburetor clogging, cleaning, cuddling, coddling, and cannibalizing what little time I have to get the yard done... being wasted taking apart and rebuilding equipment just so it will start.

Having recently bought a few construction tools that use the Makita LXT 18v LiIon battery platform, I'm already locked and loaded with a half dozen 6ah batteries and three chargers.

What I cannot seem to find, however, is any Makita OPE in stock locally, nor much discussion of Makita OPE online. While it is improbable that Makita Japan will fire the fat cat executives at Makita USA who do such an incredibly ineffective job getting Makita OPE tools into local tool, garden, and home improvement stores so that people like me can feel them in their hands before buying, I can at least start an online discussion thread where we all can learn from each other the real deal about the teal.

So log on, get in here, and speak up about your experiences with any of the Makita 18v/36v outdoor power equipment that you have used, abused, or lusted after.