2019 Toro MX5000 24.5HP


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Jun 23, 2021
I'm new to Lawn World and started here a couple of days ago seeking info for purchase of my first ztr mower. I'm non-commercial, mowing 2.5 acres with small hills numerous trees, gardens, outbuildings and rock obstacles to mow around. I was looking at new purchase of a consumer grade machine, so far posting inquiries about products from John Deere, Cub Cadet and Husqvarna. These mowers run from around $3200 to $3500, although I did state a budget ceiling of $4000. Not much feedback from forum members yet, but my random reading of threads has brought many other brands onto the "radar." Bad Boy, Hustler, and Ariens are due some research from me. I had sort of dismissed Toro, since I thought the only produced commercial grade machines, well out of my budget range. New Toros we not in contention at least, but my eye has been caught by some used diesel-powered Toros from municipal operators. I staffed several of these keeping the campus grounds while in university. They received very good maintenance and upgrades and ran like thoroughbreds. Sold at auction around their third birthday, for a silly low price. If I find a $800 diesel Toro coming out of institutional use, I'm all over it. But I digress from the point of this post .....

I just stumbled across a local private party used 2019 Toro MX5000, 50" deck. In service five months according to the seller with 50 hours logged. It is spotless in photos. As far as I can tell, it's a homeowner grade mower, comparable in features and price to the JD, CC and Husky rigs I initially considered. I see online sources as low as $2999, but $3399 is more typical. This guy is asking $2900 on Craigslist. We spoke on the phone and he seems legit; I will be inspecting it tomorrow. The price seems unrealistic. Obviously, I would spring the $99 for brand new, 2021 vs. slightly used 2019 if the online price I saw is viable - but maybe $3399 ne is more likely? In my location, a tax savings of about $170 also exists But at $2000, it might be a "buy."

Any thoughts on the quality of this machine? One feature that makes it stand out from other machines in the same price range is the 10 gauge fabricated deck. That's a distinguishing plus in my view. If I recall correctly, all the other competition has a stamped deck, some in 11 ga., one also in 10 ga. At a stated 668 lbs., it's 70-ish lbs. heftier than the similar CC, JD and Huskies. Am I right that mass generally = durability? I'd rather have a Kawasaki engine, but I have not found many negative comments on these Chinese V-Twin Toro engines.

If this used unit checks out, any thoughts on a realistic price? Anybody know if any remaining Toro warranty would be transferable?

Thanks in advance for any insights you could offer.