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    Tiger Cub hydraulic motor leaks

    I am new to the forum, and appreciate having contacts to discuss with.

    I have a 2013 Tiger Cub. The left hydraulic motor leaks fluid, it appears to be a seal and not a hose connection, but I am not positive. The leak is not heavy, the motor functions correctly. I would like to stop the leak of course.

    If I end up needing to rebuild it, is there any good instructions for doing so? I did see a youtube video on a motor rebuild, I think it was on a Cub Cadet but looked to be fairly straightforward. The motor is a PG-1KCC-DY1X. I was looking underneath, I dont see a tensioner to remove the belt? Also, do the pulleys require a puller to remove?

    Thanks for your comments!

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    Re: Tiger Cub hydraulic motor leaks

    The pg number is a pump not the wheel motor. Most time the hoses leak the clamp gets loose and allows it to leak at times. They are kinda hard to get to unless you remove the bar for the seat. The other on top has a seal that leaks sometimes. The pulleys on the bottom have little bolts you remove from one hole and put them in the other to remove them. These bolts are short and weak and they will not pull the pulley all the off. Don't not use a impact or you will break them off. You might have to use a hammer and go up and down until it comes off. Their is a key way in the shaft of the pump so look for it as well. Now for the belt. Right in front of the motor is a slot in that slot is a half inch drive hole put in a extension with ratchet and turn to remove the belt also can be done from underneath the machine. Maybe this will help ya with your leaks and belt issue.

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