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    John Deere STX30 hydro winter project

    Hey everyone, I have an interesting project lined up for this winter.
    I will be converting my STX30 (yellow deck) from 5 speed to hydro.
    I have a donor STX38 (black deck) hydro tractor that I will be using for parts.
    The short story is that it is my mom's tractor and she can't work the clutch due to a bad hip. She absolutely loves the tractor and wants to continue to mow her own grass. The reason I don't just get her a newer hydro tractor is that her backyard gate is only 35 inches wide so no newer John Deere will go through it.
    I suppose I could take the simple route and put the 30 inch deck under the hydro tractor, but I think it would be way cooler to have a STX30 serial numbered frame with a hydro under it just to confuse the local dealer! (I used to work at that dealership so they would get a laugh out of it)
    It will be built using all stock parts from both tractors so it will look like it came that way from the factory. Only folks who know that Deere never made a hydro STX30 will know the difference.
    Should be a fun project. I will update the post as the project gets underway...

    Deere tech with over 21 years experience. I don't know everything, but am here to share my knowledge, help people help themselves, and learn new things!

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    Re: John Deere STX30 hydro winter project

    those are tough little machines i have a STX38 yellow deck keep us updated on you project

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    Re: John Deere STX30 hydro winter project

    And as the under 40's say
    It never happened unless we see the photos.

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