I'm currently running the high lift bagging blade (Oregon #99-103) and another no lift blade with a slight angled tip in the back (Oregon 99-121). I know about Oregon 99-107. Let me categorize them from my experience.

1.The best bagging blade on the planet is the Oregon 99-107 with the lift kit wings bolted to the blade. This will suck spare change off your garage floor. Small to medium rocks, look out, it will consume them also. This monster devours leaves and dead grass clippings like mad. If you are bagging look no further. It will consume more fuel so beware of that. My 33" RER drinks the gas with this superstar on it. Great for sucking all the dead clippings off your turf that are choking it from water and other nutrients (mulching).

2.High lift 99-103 (#2 best bagging blade). This blade has pretty good lift to it. So well it mulches kind of terribly. It will leave clipping tracks if your lawn is too tall or you have super dense Tifway Bermuda like I do. Yes it will mulch but not a clean mulcher. Most other grasses might get away with it. This one sucked up a very low nap commercial grade entryway carpet off my patio slab. My deck was way up on 5 out of 6. Not too shabby. The wife was not pleased LOL.

3.Here comes a really good BLADE. I noticed the cutting edge on this 99-121 is easily twice as long as other blades out there. This blade mulches great, leaves no tracks behind and easy on fuel. Those of you with smaller engines like my FC150V or a Honda, check this one out. Honda engines lack the torque so this is a good match. Again a very clean mulcher with a stellar cut.

4.Lastly the 96-620 is a Gator mulching slash bagging blade. Don't try to bag with it. You will be disappointed with it. My opinion the 99-121 mulches better and easier on fuel. Still a good blade but doesn't stand out. I call this a hybrid blade trying to cover both bases with one blade. A swing and a miss.....

Anyone tried the 99-119? I can't see what it's about from the picture. I have not ran this blade yet.

What are you guys running?