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    8403 running weird

    My 8403 has been running weird lately. When I start it, it runs good, but slowly loses RPM, then slowly regains its speed. I know the carb is good because I just cleaned it, including the jets and passages. I thought it might be a plugged muffler and clogged exhaust port, but I just replaced the muffler with an NOS cast one, and I cleaned the exhaust port while I had it off. I'm wondering if it needs a new ring and piston. It's a 1984 model, so it''s possible that 35 years of use has taken its toll. Did the F Series engine cylinders have nikasil? On that note, has anyone ever used a ring and piston kit from Ebay, or is there a better one out there?
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    Re: 8403 running weird


    No Nikasil.

    Have you done a compression test? Cleaning the exhaust port should be done with a wooden dowel as anything else may damage the cylinder wall, piston or rings. The loose particles of carbon can cause cylinder damage too.

    AS far as I know the cylinder jug and piston are not available anymore (although eBay may have NOS parts).

    I think one guy on this forum, put a new piston in a F engine and the compression wasn't raised substantially.


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