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    FZ420V No fuel in fuel line

    I have a John Deere 240 Lawn tractor with a Kawasaki FZ420V engine. If it sets for a couple of days it takes quite a bit of cranking to get it started. Once started runs great.
    I let it set for a few days and pulled the fuel line off the carb and the line was EMPTY. Took the bowl off the carb and it had a little gas. Cranked the engine and gas is flowing from the fuel pump. I thought it was a fuel tank vacuum problem so after using the mower I removed the cap to relieve any vacuum. Two days later same problem.
    What am I missing????

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    Re: FZ420V No fuel in fuel line

    The fuel must be seeping past the carbs needle and seat.

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    Re: FZ420V No fuel in fuel line

    pull oil dipstick & see if it smells like gas. if it does order carburetor rebuild kit, remove carburetor, disassemble, clean carburetor thoroughly & install new kit. reinstall carburetor to engine, drain oil & replace oil filter & oil. if oil dipstick does not smell like gas, install in-line fuel shut off valve, keep fuel valve in off position when not in use. let us know how it goes, thanks.

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