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    Re: PTO strains as it spins up blades. Then weakly declines as soon as it starts cutt

    Spark plug, coil, valve clearances, and even head gasket can all be possible causes.
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    Re: PTO strains as it spins up blades. Then weakly declines as soon as it starts cutt

    Quote Originally Posted by bertsmobile1 View Post
    Here is he rub that most people seem to miss.
    You test things to verify if they are working or not rather than making blind stabs in the dark.
    There is an engine in the workshop with a complete piston & rod missing.
    The customer had the mower for 5 years and thought it was a bit gutless.
    It had been serviced 3 time by the vendor.
    He was ill & his wife could not start it so she called my predecsor.
    There was not a mark on the crankshaft, the engine left the factory with only one piston.
    Briggs did the right thing & sent a replacement engine.
    So the first thing to do is pull one plug out, ground the plug and try to start the engine.
    Do it for both sides
    Each side should start & run the same if both cylinders are working.
    IF one side is not working then we do some more digging around to find out why it is not working.
    Thank you. That's one heck of a situation there and it makes a good point.

    I checked the cylinders by removing the plug caps one and then the other. They both fired up equally.
    I think / guess I should drop the belt and check each spindle bearing for play or misalignment next. I'm open to any other suggestions too of course.
    If those are fine and I get to the clutch, are there any hand turning type of checks or such that can be done there?

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