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    D170 Seized then Un-Seized, but still won't start

    I made the mistake of letting my kids mow the yard this year, completely ignoring my normal maintenance. Long story story, the machine ran low on oil and seized up. I was able to unseize the engine by using penetrating oil inside the spark plug hole and the engine turns over fine now. However it still won't start up

    The engine is making some different noises now when turning over, it really sounds like a heart beat, with flapping noises. I can post a video if it'd help.

    The main problem I see is that fuel isn't being pulled into the engine, I've disconnected the fuel line and can clearly see the vacuum fuel pump isn't doing the job. I'm guessing the engine is shot if it can't produce a vacuum to power the fuel pump.

    Any ideas of what I could quickly try, shy of an engine rebuild?


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    Re: D170 Seized then Un-Seized, but still won't start

    Wrong time in the season to be faffing around with this & that.
    If the engine is making "funny" noises pull it out & pull it apart.
    Then you can decide if it is a viable repair.
    Take the flywheel off first, good chance that the key is sheared.
    You could have a broken ring, bent or broken pushrod etc.
    So pull the flywheel off, engine in the mower ( it is a lot easier that way )
    Then pull the muffler & pulley off the engine
    Pull the engine out & take to the PTO shaft with a wire brush, steel wool & fine wet n dry paper so it is shiny clean.
    having done that the sump will pull off easily.
    Should be about a 1/2 day in that and if the enginbe has to be replaced, then it was time well spent.

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