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    New from Bow, New Hampshire

    I bought my first lawn and garden tractor mowing system. My wife and I moved from New Orleans, La, to Bow, New Hampshire. I've never owned or used a lawn tractor, so this will be a new experience for me at 71 years of age. The Bow, area is a more or less rural area in South New Hampshire. We have a 4 acre lot with a ranch type house in the center, with a long driveway. Of course lots of big trees all around the lot. In the Fall we have no shortage of leaves. Seems many of the commercial lawn men in the area have a difficult time making time to rake, or clean-up leaves. Or, when the leaves are falling they are getting ready for snow removal. No shortage of snow up here either. My wife and I are considered "snow birds" and move to the Southern States for the Winter months. This presents its own hazzards, with snow removal. We set our house up to 55 degrees, to keep the pipes from freezing. Most oil companies will not deliver heating oil if you have more than 3" of snow in the driveway. You just can't afford to have a snow removal problem in the dead of Winter. Since we're gone for the Winter I didn't buy the snow blower system. I bought the Simplicity Broadmore SCS (with rear suspension) with a 3 bag system, turbo blower, and a pull behind lawn sweeper for the leaves. I also plan on a seed/fertilizer spreader too. The dealer in Concord, NH. also carries Huskivaria equipment, and their equipment seems to be more robust than the Home Depot equipment. I have found that dealers will give their customers priority over what was bought at the "big box" stores, like Home Depot.


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    Re: New from Bow, New Hampshire

    Welcome, sounds like you have the right equipment!

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    Re: New from Bow, New Hampshire

    Welcome to the forum.

    That's quite a change in climate!
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