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    Toro Personal Pace lacking torque


    I have a Toro Personal Pace model 20382 serial 4009xxxxx.

    Symptom is there is no drive from the personal pace. I am pushing this mower to get it to move. I lift up the back end and the wheels spin as I push the handle. It just has absolutely no torque to drive itself.

    I have attempted to adjust the drive cable running down the side of the handle per the user guide. No change. Belt is still seated on the pulleys. Belt looks like it is in okay shape. To me it seems lose but in what I have read it should be. The transmission bracket and cable spring are still attached. I have no idea how to tell if the transmission is still good. I'm stumped.

    Before I go throwing parts at this thing, how would you all recommend I diagnose the root problem? Its almost like the belt is slipping too much. Other than the handle adjustment knob, is there another tensoning point?


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    Re: Toro Personal Pace lacking torque

    Most likely gear box is shot.There is way to check that,but ask U friend to help.First be safe-- unplug wire from spark plug.Now squeeze both bail on handle --pull starter.Before u do that raze rear of the mower on 4x4.One person pulling other checking they spinning good----now grab wheel if it stop or making clicking noise might be bad news.One more thing before all that,take wheels off and check gears.Let us know what U find.

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    Re: Toro Personal Pace lacking torque

    Most likely it is the drive belt, which may look ok, but is worn on the inside. These belts will wear faster because they are exposed to the dirt and everything else you drive over. I advise customers to replace them every three years, which seems to be their normal life.
    This is only my opinion, and many will say it ain't worth a darn, as I'm only a retired grease monkey instructor and not a professional mechanic. Use what I post at your own risk as you know teachers only know book knowledge.

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